Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poodle fun

For once I happened to have the day off when a poodle meetup was happening. I love to go see all the poodles, even if Sophie doesn't really care much about playing with other dogs anymore.
She was the shaggiest dog there! But not much inclined to mingle.

Cindy, the organizer, made up little treat bags, and each poodle had to do a trick of some kind to "win" one, be it as simple as a sit-stay for Petey:
Or as complex as a game of tic-tac-toe for Inca:
But really, there were enough treats for everyone – we all came stocked with full pockets. And every moocher knew it.
A treat also helped keep the interest of Sebastian, the youngest attendee at seven months, as I snapped his picture with Sophie, the oldest.
Poodles are the best!


  1. Are poodles easy to train? I have only had a golden retriever. They are easy to train but they shed a lot. I don't want a yappy dog either. Is there a difference in personality between the little poodles and the standard poodle?

  2. To Peggy.. Yes POODLES are extremely smart, very easy to train!! No shed and yes so very very different form the small versions of poodles. The standard was the first and bred and train in Germany to retrieve water fowl, Hunting dogs. They LOVE their humans and love to please...
    google Sharda Baker on her training of poodles. Good Luck
    Darlene, human Mom for 4 big Poodles in CO

  3. What Darlene said, Peggy. Very easy to train. If you really want a puppy, make sure you find a reputable breeder. If you'd rather have a teen-aged or adult dog, check with Poodle Rescue in your area. There are always poodles who need homes, and it's usually because of the owners' circumstances, not because the dogs are bad.

    Standard poodles are way more laid-back than their smaller cousins. And the lack of shedding is a huge bonus.

    Thanks for the response, Darlene!

  4. I have a miniature poodle - she is 3 years old. She was very easy to train and we're still teaching her new tricks! No shedding at all, which was essential because I have allergies. She occasionally guards my coats and shoes, but is very sweet with the kids.

    How do you find out about the poodle meet-ups, Kitt? That looks like so much fun!

  5. How cute, a regular Poodle-Rama going on here! I like Sophie's shaggy look, a little bohemian there!

  6. I put in a vote to Family Obama for a poodle - they are the coolest canines. Dare I say the ONLY dog worth owning? Better not, but that comment comes from a cat lover, so it's saying a lot. I adore them - Sophie especially. ;)


  7. How fun that you and Sophie got to go to a meetup...something I hope to do with Roger someday. I agree, poodles ARE the BEST! Did Sophie like to mingle when she was younger?

  8. HI! A friend sent me this blog and I want to know HOW to get involved with the poodle meetup! I have a Standard Poodle-- Snow White. As a Professional Pet Stylist, I have alot of fun with her coat, including creative coloring. Right now she has pink ears, tail and leg poms. :) I have several clients who would LOVE to be a part of this meet-up too! ~Meg

  9. Fun! If you're in the Daytona, FL area next month, we're planning a big poodle meetup :) Petey looks like a big boy. I'm sure deep down, Sophie enjoyed herself!
    Hey, I know fellow commentor Martha and handsome Roger from our SPCR flickr poodle group! Small world!

  10. I couldn't have said it better myself. "Poodles are the best!"

  11. JGH, the group is organized through There might be a poodle group in your area, too, or maybe just a general doggy play group. The organizer here happened to see me and Sophie out walking and stopped to tell me about it.

    Joanne, that's Sophie's winter coat. I let her get shaggy because she gets so cold otherwise, poor old thing.

    Thanks, Dani! I'm actually hoping they go with a Portie, because the breeding of Porties tends to be a little more controlled and (hopefully) less subject to abuse by backyard breeders out to make a buck.

    Martha, check on They might have one near you. Sophie was very much into playing with other dogs, especially running, when she was younger.

    Hi Meg! I see you found the meetup page already. Maybe I'll see you at the next gathering.

    Jenny, Daytona's probably farther than I can manage, but have a great time! I think you and Martha probably both found my blog through the Flickr group (I'm not very active there, but post pics or comment on occasion).

    MBP, the very best!

    Betts, nothing cuter. They are so much fun.

  12. Kit, Thanks for posting these from the meetup. We had so much fun that I didn't get any photos. It's perfectly fitting that my Petey is used to demonstrate an easy-to-learn skill... but somebody has to be the class clown!

  13. P.S. But I still think Jeff and Petey should have won an award for having the best-matching hair :-)

  14. very have quite a gentleman. Kody would not want to mingle with the other dogs either...but definitely the owners.