Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Silly kitchen gadget No. 40

Here's a trio of food-savers I spotted outside Patricia's Pantry in the Alameda Marketplace a while back.

What is the attraction of food containers shaped like food? Do you have to have a different kind for each type of food you're storing? Couldn't they make a generic one, or is there really some kind of subtle difference among these that tailors them to the food they store? Would a L'Eggs egg work just as well? (Do they still make those?)

And do you really need a container for garlic? I just leave mine sitting out. But I go through it fairly quickly.

Each of these containers costs $3.99. I might consider an onion one because I think it's cute. But really, it would be just one more thing to find a place for.
How do you store your garlic, onions and lemons?


  1. Onions I keep in a basket in the pantry. Garlic I keep in the cheese drawer in the fridge. I go through both really fast.
    Lemons and limes just go in the fruit bin in the fridge but I may have to rethink that as the limes don't seem to have a very long life span.
    You are right, the containers are adorable.. but I just use cling film or baggies.

  2. Store?

    It's cook it or compost it at our house.

  3. I've thought about the onion keeper as I don't use onion that often. But I recently discovered frozed prechopped white onion and always have that on had if a recipe calls for it. The containers are cute though. My garlic bulbs are in a basket in the pantry. The citrus goes in the fruit drawer in the fridge. I like lemon in my water (at home!) and limes in my Coronas! :)

  4. Onions are in a basket, unless they're cut, then in a plastic bag in the crisper drawer. Lemons and limes go in the door of the fridge. Garlic is in a basket on the counter. My mom bought me some of those Debbie Green Bags, but I haven't tried them yet.

  5. I'm like Betts on this one. Baskets for unions and garlic. If I must store onion it's in the crisper. Lemons and limes in the fridge door.

  6. Onions on a pantry shelf, lemons in the refrigerator fruit drawer, and garlic on the counter inside the terra cotta garlic roaster. Not that I need such a specific place to put it, but it saves running around looking for the garlic roaster when I want it.

  7. In our kitchen when have an island type table we got from Cost Plus Marketplace. The bottom shelf was supposed to be for wine bottles but we assembled it upsidedown (on purpose). We use it as a shelf for baskets of onions, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Hubby dosen't know about a garlic roaster yet.

  8. Onions on a shelf in the basement/pantry area. Garlic in a little bowl in the cupboard. I buy a head at a time and it lasts a couple of weeks.

    I buy a lemon or lime once a year with every intention to use it, and then don't. So lemons are stored in the compost pile.

    - Lauren

  9. Natashya, yeah, baggies for anything that's been cut. Otherwise it just lives on the counter.

    Kaethe, you don't ever use half an onion or just a clove or two of garlic?

    Jenny, they sell prechopped onion? How funny! I guess you could also pre-chop your own and freeze it. I wonder how much cheaper that would be. I never find it onerous to chop, but once in a while I want to cook something that calls for onion and I don't have one handy. Frozen would be useful then.

    Betts, Debbie Green Bags? I'll have to google that.

    Mimi, I'm guessing you and Jenny have access to cheap citrus, yes? Lucky.

    Lisa, do you use the roaster on its own or just when you're cooking something else?

    Peggy, that's a good furniture adaptation. I usually just roast my garlic in foil.

    Lauren, if you think the citrus won't get used, you can juice it and freeze the juice. Handy for when you just need a little lemon juice for this or that.