Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Wow! That new branch full of comb sure is popular today. It's supposed to hit 70, so the bees are out in force, investigating this new addition to their neighborhood. I hope they can get some good from it. I noticed a lot of them are licking it.

Here's a video. The buzzing is pretty loud!


  1. This is fantastic and your video is great! I'm so excited about your bees.

  2. What will they do, KB? Relocate? Birth another queen and start another colony?

    I love that you're doing this, it's fascinating.

  3. Love the video (because it's as close as I want to get to them)! (This is also a great opportunity to remind you all to become a fan of honeybees in Facebook.)

  4. I sort of got stuck on the 70 degrees. Mother Nature is so unfair with her US weather.

  5. Thanks, Mimi!

    Jessy, don't be scared! Honey bees are only interested in making honey. You'll notice that I'm surrounded by bees and they have not stung me once. I'm just another part of the landscape.

    Leah, the bees you see here are mostly (if not all) from my existing hive. There were no bees living inside the branch. Now, if I left this piece here, my bees might decide to raise another queen and swarm into it, but I'm going to make sure they don't.

    Thanks, Lindy! Bees are our friends. Even on Facebook!

    (A note on that: It's the "honey bees" fan page on FB. I use FB only for people I know in person, but I'll be happy if you'll befriend the bees.)

    Betts, I'm sorry! You'll have spring soon. We're just getting a little January thaw. We'll be getting snow well into April or even May.