Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I spy

But Sophie doesn't.
Wow, talk about super-fabulous weather! Warm and sunny all week, and reportedly this trend will continue, thanks to La NiƱa. Really, I should be concerned about our declining snowpack (Denver's main source of water), but it's hard to complain about such nice days.

Sophie's due to get her winter coat removed in a couple of weeks. We'll probably have a deep freeze and three feet of snow the next day. Meanwhile, we're out walking and seeing what we can see. Or in Sophie's case, smelling what she can smell.

And as I've noted, the bees are out, too:
I hope spring comes soon for you, too!


  1. Seriously! Such gorgeous weather! A bike ride is in order!

    And you need to stop cloning those kitties into all those Sophie pics :-D

  2. that is exactly what my dog does too. the cat/squirrel is RIGHT THERE. and she never sees it.
    oh well. she definitely enjoys her "sniffs" as we call it!
    and WOW those honeybees were feasting in your last post !
    so glad to see those little guys are still around...

  3. Glad you're having great weather - I've worn my fleece all day here in Florida!
    Sophie's as beautiful as ever!

  4. Sophie's current hairstyle makes her look like one of the ladies from Grey Gardens.

  5. The cat looks sort of put out that Sophie didn't notice her.

  6. Manisha, ha! I'm not that good with Pshop.

    Kimchi, it's all about the nose, isn't it? I'm glad about the bees, too.

    Jenny, you'll be plenty warm soon, I'm sure!

    DG, do you mean the movie about the eccentric pair, or just figuratively old-lady-ish?

    Beatrice, the cat was surprisingly unfazed about us. Busy stalking insects, I think.