Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dinner at Crazy Asian Cafe, Denver

It rained and rained, and then it started to snow. It rained and snowed and snowed and rained and the snow was like cement and the rain was really cold.

We took Sophie for a walk and she did OK but didn't like getting that wet. Then we went to dinner.

I used to get kung pao chicken to go from Crazy Asian Cafe all the time. It was right on my way to work, the portions are big enough for two or three meals for me (if I make fresh rice), and it's the best kung pao I've had in Denver so far. (And I've tried it from quite a few places.) I go less often since I moved and am trying to economize, but I should remember how good and affordable it is.

The folks who run it are from Dalian, in northeast China (Port Arthur, if you know your history). When I first went to the restaurant they were very excited to learn I'd been to Dalian three times – once for Christmas, once coming home from Shanghai by sea, and once right after Tiananmen. Good times.

The menu at Crazy Asian is not just Chinese, though. Hence the name. Miso soup, pad thai, Vietnamese noodles. It's all good, but we stuck with my Chinese fave, kung pao chicken, with some shumai for a starter.
Boy, I love this stuff. It fortified us to come home and shovel the cement, and made a great lunch today, too, after more shoveling.

Crazy Asian Cafe
290 S Downing St
Denver, CO 80209


  1. thanks for the restaurant suggestion! my in-laws are always looking for new places to try out and this is right up their alley.
    :o) hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! That looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh that looks good!..hope you're managing to keep warm! "D

  4. Oh poor you in the snow!
    Dinner looks scrumptious though, I am loving that chicken especially.

  5. I never get tired of seeing Sophie in the snow! (or eating Chinese food!)

  6. KB, have you read that Fortune Cookie Chronicles book? A lot of it is about the origin (and search for the origins of) of Kung Pao chicken. I forget but it turns out it's New Jersey or something. It's not a great book, but it's got lots of interesting stuff in it.

    Oh wait, no, it's General Tso's that she goes on about. Nevermind!