Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter flowers

I know, I know, amaryllis are supposed to bloom at Christmas.
But I stashed them in the basement rather belatedly for dormancy, then forgot about them until a month ago.
They're apt for Easter, anyway: "The angels came to roll away the stone before His tomb."

Even if you're not a Christian, you pick this stuff up.


  1. I collect amarylis from the senior citizens who don't want to keep them for a whole year and plant them in my yard. They bloom big time in the summer. You have to dig them up over the winter,

  2. Love your idea to make them into an Easter flower and why not?! My Christmas cactus bloomed at St. Patrick's Day.

  3. Very pretty! Mine are going bananas in the garden right now too, wonderful! They are red and white, a little less dramatic. I've never touched them and they've put on a big show every year, but then I am in san diego...

  4. Thanks, Mimi!

    Peggy, what a great idea! I have seen them blooming in
    the ground in Texas, but I didn't think about planting them here. Probably because I would surely forget to dig them up in the fall and that would be the end of them.

    JGH, Lucky you! I have Christmas cacti, too, but they never bloom :-(

    Thanks, Natashya!

    Jenny, you're lucky. Nice climate there for tropicals. Bet you have some citrus trees, too.