Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New life for Nelson

For a while I had a series of Simpsons toys lined up at my desk. My favorite was Nelson. But he had to be put away when he started yelling "Ha ha!" at random moments without anyone pushing his button.

Now Nelson has found a new life as a catcaller. Whenever he laughs, Reba comes running. I think he he still has a screw loose, though. He's only supposed to ha-ha once or twice.


  1. Ha! nothing breaks up a workday like a Ha! from a Nelson! :-)

  2. My cat Clementine found that extremely intriguing as well: her ears went straight up and she stared towards the computer with seeming avidity.

  3. Glad you liked it, Kimchi and Natashya!

    Manisha, Sophie is ambivalent about kitties. But she can deal.

    Kathi, luckily he can't move.

    JGH, my feelings exactly. I can do a pretty good imitation in a pinch.

    Bklyn, maybe you should get one! Handy to have something the cat always comes to.