Sunday, April 26, 2009

Suitable for beekeeping

I got a call on Friday from Vicki at To Bee Or Not To Bee. "Hey! I got all kinds of people coming in who found me through your blog! I need a web page. Can you make me one?"

After some noodling around with the Blogger template, I was able to create a decent-looking page with all the relevant info. And I also got her listed in Google businesses so she's at the top of the page for Denver beekeeping supplies.

In return, I got a full beekeeping suit! So I'm all set for extremes if necessary. I don't expect to wear it a lot, but I may be happy for it if the bees are grumpy.

For example, check out this guard bee checking me out:
A fraction of a second later, "Bzzzzt! Get out of here!"
Actually, I wasn't even aware that happened until I looked at my photos. I was trying to capture a bee flying, but this was the best I could do:
I need to fiddle with my settings and experiment some more.


  1. that's a really great picture of the bees! amazing what you can capture on a camera!

  2. That in-flight picture is great, Kitt! I'm shopping for a macro lens so I can get even closer with the camera this year.

  3. Thanks, Kathi and Kimchi!

    Gordo, this is with my point-and-shoot. If I had a "real" camera, I could probably get some pretty good shots.