Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stitch 'n' Stuff

The first recipe of Jen's that I ever tried to make was scallion pancakes. Mine didn't turn out very well. So it was great to sample the real thing yesterday with some other crafty gals at Jen's place in the mountains for what I'll call Stitch 'n' Stuff. Not much bitching going on, but plenty of face-stuffing.

There were potstickers, and pickles (gotta try that recipe).
And yummy yummy soup with mushrooms and lily buds.
I would've been perfectly happy with that as the entire meal, but no.
Stir-fried rice cakes! And asparagus chicken!

Uffda. That was a lot of food, and all of it delicious. I regretted not wearing my fat pants.

Outside the weather couldn't make up its mind. Snow squalls, followed by brilliant sun.

Snow obscured the mountain view:
Then the sun made dessert photography tricky. (Yes, that's Manisha.)
Berry bars and macadamia nut blondies. Had to try them both. Then we got down to business.
Talented bunch of women! I kicked myself for not bringing a bee project instead of knitting. It's not like I really need another scarf. Ah well. It was relaxing, and also gratifying to know I hadn't completely forgotten how to knit and purl.

Even if I had, I would have taken consolation in some puppy lovin'. Kaweah doesn't look like a senior citizen, does she?
She was keeping her girlish attitude with the help of little Miss Sonora.
All together now: Awwwwwwwww!

Thanks for an awesome meal and relaxing afternoon, Jen!


  1. What fun! What great looking food. I wish my computer was scratch and sniff.

  2. srsly, i wish my computer screen was scratch'n'sniff too!
    wow, that food all looks sooo tasty! and some of those dishes are similar to what my mom would make for us as kids! and those dogs definitely scored High on the Cute-o-Meter! :o)

  3. Everything from food to the business you all were doing... looks awesome. Sounds and looks like a great get-together! I am green with envy....

  4. That's one handsome pancake. Have you (or has she) ever posted the recipe?

  5. Kitt, thank you SO MUCH for the bread (I had some this morning) and for the pup treats and for coming up. Had a great time and I recall during one of my conversations with Beth hearing you and Marianne speaking French to one another! :) That was a terrific group of people and a lot of fun. Give Soph a snuggle for me.

  6. Betts, someone could make a lot of dough inventing that, eh?

    Kimchi, you had a lucky childhood, then! It was deeeelish.

    Blue, we had a great time. You should set up a stitch 'n' bitch too.

    Denveater, the pancakes are great. I linked in the post to my poor attempt, which also includes a link to Jen's recipe. I'll have to try it again.

    Jen, I think the bread came out a little on the salty side, but i hope it was OK otherwise! Yeah, I was inflicting my rusty French on Marianne. Always good to practice when you can. Thanks so much for the fun get-together!

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