Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seeking the spotlight

Most cats are happy to be invisible to Sophie.But this one lives with a great Dane and a Lab.
He or she wasn't about to be ignored.
"Yo, Poodle."
Invisibility ain't all it's cracked up to be.


  1. That reminds me of someone I know! What is it about orange cats? They have some weird sociabiity gene. Whenever we have folks and/or dogs over, Mr. B is right in the middle of the party saying hello to everyone.

  2. Great capture of the story-in-pictures.

  3. I had a dog who visited the neighbor cat every day
    And kissed through the fence

  4. Awwwww.
    When are you going to get Sophie a younger sibling? I have a friend whose beloved doggie is getting up there in years. He brought a new puppy into the household and the old doggie has become very paternal and is more active and seems generally peppier. It's convinced me that if -- when -- I have a doggie (I must call them doggies, not dogs; just like I must call my 10-yr-old kitties kitties, not cats) I'm going to get him or her a late-life sib. Late-like kitty sibs don't always work out.

  5. Sophie was so polite! And Miss Kitty is no wallflower. She's kind of in-your-face.

  6. what a great picture-story!! and what good manners Sophie has! :o)
    big tummy rub and ear scratch to her!

  7. Loved the story! I have a rather fluffy cat...Felix...and he cornered a standard poodle once. The poodle backed away and was shaking. Glad to know you encountered a friendly kitty.

  8. Lisa, this kitty was very Bonkers-like. Though more interested in my attention than Sophie's.

    Thanks, bklyn!

    mbp, that's so cute.

    Pam, I thought about it, but she really is happier as a single dog. When I had a second poodle, it took her a really long time to accept him, and after he died she didn't really seem to miss him but was happy to have me to herself. And I still call her "puppy." :-)

    Betts, I was trying to tell the kitty he might want to reconsider (Sophie doesn't hear my "leave it" command so well anymore), but he insisted.

    Thanks, kimchi! She enjoyed her skritch!

    Aw, B&F! That's pathetically funny.