Monday, April 27, 2009

Fashion don't

Sophie would like the snow to quit so she can stop wearing the dorky sweater.


  1. Oh Sophie - just come to FL and you can change into your bikini! :)

  2. Snow?? Snow!! What I wouldn't give to have some of that right about now. 94 degrees here in the Nation's capital. A humid 94 degrees at that.

  3. It does complete the 80's look, in addition to the haircut. :)

  4. Ahw, poor Sophie!
    Not happy with the springtime snow.

  5. Jenny, in Florida, she'd be in the buff! She's daring that way.

    Pam, it was short-lived, that snow. 75 today. I heard y'all were baking over there.

    Beatrice, yep! She's got kind of a Flashdance thing going.

    Natashya, once upon a time she loved it, but now she's a little old lady who's cold all the time.

    Kathi, I don't know what she thinks these days. She's so dotty.