Monday, December 17, 2007

DIY: Warped door fix

Here's a little household annoyance I finally got around to dealing with: a warped broom closet door that refuses to stay shut. It hasn't been a big problem, because it only swings open about an inch and a half, but it has bugged me. Mom mentioned it, too.

So when I was at the hardware store yesterday getting paint for the bookcases (you'll see them soon!), I took a look around for a solution.
With all the varities of magnets available, you'd think they would have something just made for this, but no. And I didn't want velcro, another suggested option. So I picked out a package of tiny magnets and some tiny washers. The clerk who was helping me said, "Hey, that's smart!" Which is something, since he was of the big, burly he-man "How can I help you, little lady?" type.
A little crazy glue and clamping later, voilĂ !

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