Friday, December 21, 2007


Been busy the last few days getting my ass kicked at work and trying to get ready for a full house tomorrow night. And I mean full. My aunt, uncle, two cousins and their spouses, and one toddler. They're spending the night with me and then we're driving up to Breckenridge, where they'll spend the week skiing.

We'll spend Saturday grocery shopping and hanging out, and drive up in two cars Saturday. I'll come back Sunday morning, go to work, then go back up Monday to ski, then come back down, go to my other aunt and uncle's place for Christmas Eve, work the next three days, then go back up and ski a half-day Friday, then drive back down with everyone, and they'll spend the night again before flying back home. Whew.

There are a lot of logistics involved in hosting six adults and a baby, not the least of which is beds and bedding. And food, which has to be dairy-free and also contain no pork or beef. Tricky!

I'm not complaining; it's going to be a lot of fun. But a challenge, for sure.


  1. If you run into a tall blonde 20 year-old Australian guy with a great smile named John at some restaurant in Breckinridge, tell him hello from his cousin Leah.

  2. Soooo... you're serving them all jam? That sounds like a reasonable solution.

    You'll have a blast, once all the prep is done -- enjoy, relax, and I hope the skiing is good.

  3. I looked for him, Leah, but not very hard. I should ask the cousins' cousin, though. He's a sous-chef there.

    Lisa, I served chickpea and escarole soup and no-knead bread. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast with turkey bacon.