Sunday, December 16, 2007

Prime of life

1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29 ...

Well, you can do the math, but I'm not giving the answer!

Nothing special planned for today, since I have to go to work. But I've received some goodies throughout the week, and had fun times with friends, so I'm feeling generally happy. And healthy, too! PT has gotten my shoulder working again, much faster than expected. I should have full range of motion again within a month. Yay!

... and I just did an easy good deed for the day. Saw a couple dogs go tearing past my house and over to the schoolyard, with no human in tow. Threw my boots on and went out with a leash and managed to catch the Weimeraner ("Oh hi! Friendly human! Skritches, please!"), and while his little shephard-mix buddy ran off, I figured he wouldn't go far without his friend.

No answer at the phone number on the tag, but the address was a neighbor on the next block. Sure enough, I got over there and discovered the little guy already back in the yard; they're having some construction done, and the workers hadn't secured the temporary fence properly. So the dogs are back home, the fencing is in place and I am feeling virtuous without much effort.

Guess I'd better go walk Sophie and gather some more good doggy karma!


  1. Hey, happy happy! Hope your day is as tasty as... prime rib! (I know, ouch.)

  2. Hey! Happy Birthday! Congrats on doing so well at PT! Your neighbors sure are lucky to have you around.

    And thanks a ton for the info on that recall. I've been swamped and haven't had a chance to reply!

  3. Thanks, all! It was a mellow birthday, but I got some nice presents, and went to a neighbor's party after work for a little wine, so I feel like I got a little celebrating in.

    Manisha, I wasn't sure if the recall info would be helpful, but better safe than sorry! (The stuff was mislabeled as a food product, with actual cases of poisoning, so.)

  4. Happy birthday and nice good deed! That's a good way to start off your next-prime-number-after-29th year.

  5. Oh happy birthday! OK, not sure where else to put this so here it is. Made no Knead bread this weekend and it was absolutely fabulous except I ended up folding the seasonings meant for the top into the bread and I did use too much salt (I never listen) but it was so so good. I am going to try it with the sour dough starter I keep going for the usual sour dough bread. Any thoughts on that before I launch this on Friday night? (I am thinking it will ferment differently but not sure in which direction)

    ... and I'm still logged on as Ophelia but it's Alecto.

  6. Thanks, Julie! One of the next prime numbers, anyway!

    Alecto, I'm glad you tried the bread. Isn't it easy? I haven't tried it with sourdough starter, but it seems a lot of people have. If you Google "no-knead bread" "sourdough starter" (with the quote marks), you'll find a lot of discussion. It seems the amount people use varies greatly. And some folks refrigerate the dough overnight after letting it rise for several hours, such as this blogger.

    I really should mess around with this recipe more, too. It's so forgiving, as long as you give it enough time for the yeast to do its thing.