Sunday, December 09, 2007

No-knead bread in a new pot

As I thought, a 3-quart pot with a domed lid is much better to make no-knead bread in than the 6- to 8-quart pot recommended in the original recipe. In the larger pot, the bread tends to spread out more, resulting in a flatter, oblong loaf.

Edit: But wait! That's not a 3-quart pot, but a 2-quart! I looked at it again when I got home and filled it with water to double-check. So. If you have a two-quart pot, as long as the lid is domed, you can make a nice loaf in it.
This bread came out nice and round, and about 4 inches high all the way around.

I topped it with the usual wheat bran and spicy sesame sprinkle, plus a pinch of Maldon sea salt (which I also used in the dough). I confess, I've already eaten two-thirds of the loaf. Oink.

No-knead bread recipe here.

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