Sunday, December 30, 2007

New eatery: The Crushery

Old South Pearl Street continues to add attractive destinations. The latest was rather stealthy; I hadn't heard any buzz about it or seen mentions in the neighborhood newspaper (which is usually on top of these things). One day, the space formerly owned by the dry cleaners next door had a banner up, and a very short time later, it seemed, The Crushery opened its doors.

Their thing is pressed sandwiches, whether panini or bagels. Everything goes into the crusher, so you have a gooey inside and a crispy outside. You can choose from a list of named sandwiches or create your own from a long list of ingredients. They also make salads.

Note the menu on the wall: It's projected, and they can use a remote control to switch it around. Clever!

I ordered bacon, egg and cheese on a jalapeño cheddar bagel. Here's how it looked, post-crushing:
Tasted good! I kind of like the squashedness of it, because that made it easier to get it into my mouth. I have a small mouth. (Shut up.)

The prices seemed reasonable, too, and the atmosphere pleasant. They even have a little gas stove with some comfy chairs next to it.

Glad to have another place in the neighborhood where I can grab something on the way to work, or go for lunch with friends.

P.S. Looks like they finally got their website up: Right now all the links there point to one PDF of the menu, but maybe they'll HTML-ize it someday so you don't have to open a new application to see it.


  1. You have got TS's mouth watering with that he wants to come for his holidays. Have a great new year Kitt

  2. If can accommodate six adults and a toddler, you know I can manage one hungry TS and his chook-wrangling consort. Come on by!

  3. I am the owner of the crushery!! We love your comments and welcome your business. Visit our myspace page to view the menu, and our website should be up soon. See you soon.


  4. Hi John, thanks for visiting! Good luck with your venture. I will definitely be back again.