Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lazy blogger

It's just easier sometimes to send a crappy pic from the cellphone. I shaved the dog's face today.

I lead such an exciting – dare I say glamorous? – life!

(And yes, that's a sneak preview of the finished bookcases in the background. The last painting was done today, so once all the tools and stuff are gone, I'll take pictures. I'm going to wait a couple of weeks for the paint to dry thoroughly before loading them up.)


  1. What a beautiful dog! If I had my druthers and money was no object, I'd get a standard poodle. They're smart and beautiful.

    You've been added to my blogroll whether you like it or not, and I will attempt to visit you once a week!


  2. Thanks! I check yours regularly (even if I comment rarely).

    If you really want a poodle, check with Poodle Rescue. My lovely Doogie was from rescue, and his adoption fee was affordable. More than for a mutt, yes, but still. He was a great dog, later health problems notwithstanding. (And which had nothing to do with his being in rescue.)

    Check on There are always poodles there. I avoid looking very often; I want to rescue them all.