Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back in my day ...

I took a little trip down memory lane today when Manisha posted a photo on Facebook of a Commodore Pet she encountered. The Super Pet was the first computer I learned how to use regularly. A college boyfriend introduced me to the engineering school's computer lab and showed me how to use a word processor. What? I don't have to retype papers to revise them? Awesome!

That was a very brief period in which you could wave an 8-inch floppy at an English professor and say, "My paper's on here but the printer's broken," and he would be impressed.

I also learned to play Adventure on the DEC-10 mainframe, and took part in the development of one of the very first social networks ... as a socialite, not a programmer.

Yeah, my geek roots go way back.


  1. Love this! My hubby and I often laugh as we reminisce about the first hard drive we'd ever seen. It had an unthinkably huge 5 megabytes' worth of storage and was almost as big as a cardboard file storage box!

    I used to have to routinely replace 8" floppy drives in old Altos computers back in my computer repair days. I needed a luggage cart to carry the drives into office buildings. :)

  2. Old school! A college dorm-mate had a "portable" computer, so called because it had a case with a handle. But thing weighed a ton and was the size of an ottoman.

  3. "Portable computer!" LOL Hubby had brought home an old Eagle portable computer one day. Unfortunately, that day our house was broken into and a few things were stolen. The thief(ves) walked right past that buttoned up Eagle, thinking it was a sewing machine! Back then, the thing was worth thousands!