Monday, July 04, 2011

A wee dram

We had some friends over to sample the Sergeant's Scotch collection, which is extensive but largely unopened. He gets a lot of liquor gifts through his work. We couldn't possibly drink it all ourselves.

Of the 18 bottles, six were sampled. The goal was not to try everything. We asked our guests to note down their opinions.

The Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban seemed to be the favorite: "Warm and mellow" "Yummy."

The oldest, a 25-year-old Gordon & McPhail Reserve, was deemed too strong and peaty, though with a little water it was good.

I liked the 10-year-old Speyburn, which was lighter than the others.

The 14-year-old Oban was also "harsh at first, then nice and sweet."

I made a big pot of green chili and there were plenty of snacks to keep the group from getting too tipsy. The lampshades remained on the lamps.


  1. I have only had scotch once and it tasted a lot like I think gasoline would. Was that a bad scotch or do they all taste like that?

  2. Heh. Yes, probably it all tastes like gasoline until you develop a taste for it. I started drinking it years ago because it wasn't expected. I'm still not as fond of it as other spirits, but I like it OK.

  3. I've never had scotch. Sounds like a fun party though, even though the lampshades all stayed in place ;)