Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fried Froot Loops

This weekend was the first Denver County Fair. Denver is both a city and a county, but doesn't have much in the way of a rural component. So the fair was pretty much about urban homesteading, with a high hipster quotient.

Sure there were some mini-goats, chickens and rabbits being shown, and judging of pies and preserves. But there was also a holistic pavilion, a concert by Devo (!) and this guy handing out fried cereal.

I thought he was just some random Denver wacko with a lot of enthusiasm for kitsch, but apparently he does this professionally.

Froot Loops fried in butter is one way to get everyone's attention (Day-Glo spray paint aside). I'm guessing a lot of kids are bugging their parents to try it at home now.


  1. Devo?! Really? Man, that takes me back.

    Wonder how the Fried Froot Loops went over with the hipsters? That's a pretty eclectic county fair.

  2. Yeah, Devo. I didn't hear how the concert was.

    It was a pretty mixed crowd. I was chatting with someone whose background was more of the Iowa county fair variety ... she'd never seen so many tattoos.