Thursday, July 14, 2011

The opposite of flowers

When your house is more than 100 years old, you end up fixing stuff a lot. Often, you're fixing stuff that has already been fixed before, sometimes in the loosest sense of the word.

This is a long boring story with only two pictures, so move along if you're not into home repair.

We had a sprinkler leak but didn't know about it until I was in the basement one day and heard "drip drip drip." The ground was so saturated outside the window well that water was coming in. A stack of suitcases got wet. An old one on the bottom was moldy. I threw it out.

We got the water line repaired. The Sergeant cleared out the window well and discovered a huge gap under the window where the framing was missing. He fixed that and sealed all around the window.

A few days later, we noticed a little more water on the floor. "What the hell? Where's that coming from?" Hmmm. There were drips on the underside of the sewer pipe. We got a stepladder. The Sergeant climbed up and started laughing.

Yes, someone's long-ago half-assed repair on a large crack in the iron sewer pipe had finally failed. The crack was along the backside and the top of the pipe, high enough that only a little, um, liquid was sloshing out at a time.


The Sergeant wrapped plastic and duct tape around the pipe until a plumber could come replace the pipe with PVC.
Thanks goodness for that sprinkler leak!

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