Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sweet surprises

I wasn't expecting to find any ripe raspberries for a couple more weeks, so it was a pleasant surprise to spot a little flash of red in the back of the patch.
There are a couple of canes that seem to have gotten a head start on setting fruit, thanks to the extra warmth thrown off by the cinderblocks of the raised bed they're behind.

Then there's the scruffy tree that I thought was a volunteer (and maybe it was?) that turned out to be a plum:
It's not terribly prolific, but maybe as it matures it will produce more.

Finally, the shrub that hasn't done much in previous years got an extra dose of watering this year thanks to a sprinkler leak. It has a ton of berries on it and I wondered if they are edible. So I went googling around.
Why yes, they're serviceberries! Otherwise known as juneberries or Saskatoon berries. I don't think I've ever eaten one, but I will as soon as these turn purple.

What does one do with serviceberries? Can you make jam with them?


  1. Mmmmm... raspberries! I have a serviceberry but the robins strip it of fruit as soon as it is edible.

  2. serviceberries! we have a bush in our yard full of them right now. my husband eats them occasionally but i haven't tried making jam out of them. i imagine just eating them fresh is the best choice, since they are so small and all that skin and seed may not make a nice jam? i dunno! if you do something with them let us know. :o)

  3. How nice! I wish free food would pop up in my yard :)

  4. I love it when I get garden surprises like yours.About ten years ago we planted several plum trees and some apple trees. They didn't do very well. Eventually there was only one survivor. It languished for years without doing much. We kept asking each other, "I wonder when we will ever have any plums?" Then last year hubby said, "look, here is why we never got plums." Then he showed me three tiny apples on the poor struggling tree (deer chewed on it, too, a while ago) and then we had a good laugh. Now we have almost the entire large yard completely fenced so the deer cannot jump over the eight foot barrier. Maybe now we'll see some "plums!"

  5. Abby, for some reason the critters leave my berry bushes alone, for which I am quite grateful.

    Kimchi, maybe it could be jam if forced through a sieve. I'm not sure I'll get enough berries for that, though.

    Julie, you can always plant the seeds from stuff you eat!

    Caterina, that's too funny. I hope you get some fruit of whatever kind, someday!

  6. I have raspberries in Michigan and am waiting for the first few early ones.

    Our Serviceberry is plucked clean by the birds. Many types of fruit eating birds love it. It is fun to watch them all in there at the same time. The few berries we have tasted had some similarity to blueberries.

  7. Your raspberries look gorgeous! Your whole garden does!

    Okay, I'm kinda jealous of your raspberries, but I'm also happy for you. ;)