Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brunch at Wild Eggs in Denver

We had a hankering for brunch and headed to Lucile's on Logan at Alameda, but the wait was something like 40 minutes, out in the heat. Instead we ambled over for a look at the new place across the street, where Blockbuster used to be.
Turns out this weekend is the soft opening for Wild Eggs, the first Denver branch of a Louisville, Ky.-based chain. It was by invitation only, but we were told we could eat at the bar, if we didn't mind slow service. Oh, and by the way? Breakfast would be on the house.
Sweet! We bellied up to the circular bar. I was trying to figure out why they would have such a fixture. Maybe just a design element to vary the seating options. I overheard one woman complaining vociferously about the uncomfortable bar stools, but I thought they were all right. The rest of the space is tables and booths.
The ceiling is high and the space is nice and airy, with artsy pictures of eggs on the walls and other eggy touches, such as egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers.

The menu is extensive. I was torn between the "ACE" of a "BLT" (Avocado, Cheddar, fried Egg, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on toasted sourdough with skillet potatoes) and the Jimmy the Greek Frittata (Oven-dried tomato, kalamata olive, fresh spinach, onion, basil pesto, feta cheese and pepperoncini). I opted for the latter.
It was quite tasty! A little on the salty side, but anything with olives and feta will be. I ate it all. I liked the potatoes, too. Three pepperoncini was overkill for me; I think they could probably put one on there and call it good, or ask people if they'd like more than one (I hate to waste good pepperoncini).

The Sergeant had the "Violet You’re Turning Violet" (Three buttermilk cakes, blueberries, whipped cream and maple syrup. The name is a nod to Willy Wonka).
He thought the pancakes were quite good. Not too sweet. He also was impressed with the bacon we'd ordered on the side. "This bacon is perfect!"

We also had an "everything muffin," which is little bit sweet and a little savory. I think I would've like it more with some butter on it. The flavor was interesting but not what I was expecting.

Wild Eggs serves fresh-squeezed juice, and they've invested in a robot squeezer that's amazing. I took a video of it in action:

That's a $5,000 juicer, but considering how much juice they were processing, it will pay for itself in man-hours saved quite quickly.

Wild Eggs opens for real on Tuesday, Aug. 2. You can look at their website for hours and their menu. (I can't get their menu to display in Firefox, only Safari. Might be a problem on my end.)

Wild Eggs
300 East Alameda Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80209
303-744-EGGS (3447)

P.S. They do have a liquor license and what looked like a pretty interesting drink menu. I didn't take a picture since I thought it would be available online. I'll just have to go back!


  1. That juicer is absolutely awesome! I watched it a few times, mesmerized. If I had $5000 to spare (hah.. will never happen working in public health) and a few very productive fruit trees, I would so buy it.

    How difficult would it be to clean it, is the question..

  2. umm that place looks so yummy! We hardly ever go out to breakfast anymore since it's so expensive for 5 people.

  3. Thanks for the review - we only go to Lucille's when we have a weekday off and if we can go early - it certainly has earned the long line but nice to know that there is an alternative. The round bar reminds me of the Snooze bar (on Colorado) but theirs is a bit larger. I am sure their location will be assisted by the long line at Lucille's but sounds like they will grow their own following. Now, if they can just make corned beef hash as good as Syrup does (unlikely) they will be a standout!

  4. I had the hash over the weekend. Better than syrup.

  5. Steph, I wondered about cleaning, too. Ideally, it would have components that can just be popped out and run through the dishwasher.

    Anon1, I haven't been to Syrup yet; I do love corned beef hash, so I'll have to check out theirs and Wild Eggs' to see which I like better.

    Anon2, I'll have to report back on whether I agree!

  6. We also attended the soft opening over the weekend. I am not much of a breakfast fan but I was happily surprised at the place! My son had the Batman & Reuben, it was huge! He had enough to take home for later, and that's saying a lot for a 17 yr old. My husband enjoyed the biscuits and gravy, he cleaned the plate! I had stuffed french toast and I was quite pleased. Everything tasted amazingly fresh, all the fruit was ripe to perfection. My 5 yr old ate fresh fruit and fries, and she was quite happy. I've met the staff and owners and they are all a delight. As I said I'm not much of a breakfast fan, but we will definitely be back to Wild Eggs soon!

  7. I could not have resisted the Kelsey “KY” Brown since I am 100% obsessed with Hot Browns and variations thereof.