Saturday, July 23, 2011


This Western Tiger Swallowtail came flitting down to the echinacea in my front yard and obligingly posed for several dozen close-ups.
I was on the phone with Mom at the time (with a headset) and didn't notice until too late that the camera was on the wrong setting. So instead of a dozen awesome butterfly close-ups, I only have one OK shot. He or she took off just after.

Identification was easy because I remembered a similar butterfly on the Perennial Favorites website. Yep, it's the same one! You can click my photo to see it larger.

Another visitor to my front yard lately is a little brown mouse who has been busily harvesting the abundant seeds from all the flowers. He's too fast for photos but is surprisingly unconcerned about being seen otherwise. I just hope that he doesn't try to move indoors come fall.


  1. Oh it's so pretty! I hardly ever get any nice butterflies.

  2. Well if you got only one good shot I'm glad it was this one. In addition to getting a great closeup of your butterfly, you captured a tiny bit of your street, which I always enjoy seeing. Pretty!

  3. Thanks! It was nice to have the sidewalk as a backdrop so you can see the antennae clearly.

  4. Just last night I took a photo of an EASTERN Tiger Swallowtail. All summer I have seen very few butterflies other than the white cabbage butterflies.