Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hoe hoe hoe

It feels a little like Christmas in July, with all this rain we've gotten and consequent garden abundance.
The vegetable garden is perpetually on the verge of being overtaken by weeds. The tomatoes really are taking off. I've been trying to stay on top of keeping them tied up to their towers. I need to stay on top of the weeding, too.

The squash plants are a little frightening in size. And we have a lot of mystery plants, thanks to the Sergeant's liberal sowing of old seeds. "We might as well use them!" he said. The brassica that this bee is enjoying is one of them. It might be yu choi.

The entrance to the hive is a constant traffic jam, with no air traffic controllers in sight.


  1. I think your garden look great! Full and healthy. And the bee house is a gem. Will you harvest any honey this year? I don't think I ever learned how to harvest from a top bar hive. (But I'll check your past entries on beekeeping to see if you've explained it in the past. If not, I'm sure there's a youtube somewhere out there.)

  2. I harvested last year (the honey was our wedding favor!), but this year I'll let this new colony get settled and through a winter before I take anything.

    To harvest from a TBH, you cut the comb off the bar, then crush it and strain it. It's pretty simple and doesn't require any special equipment.