Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My mouth, my money

I could blame the mojito, which is made with mint from this buried pot. Or I could blame you enablers out there (you know who you are). But really, it was my own decision.

Yes, I just pulled the trigger on an order of bulbs from Brent & Becky's. Lots and lots of bulbs, including five kinds of alliums.

"Aieeee!" says the Sergeant. "Then we'll have to plant them all!"

Yes, that's the plan.


  1. I bought alliums this weekend too! From a "flea market" in Fairbury, Nebraska, of all places! :) I bought some pretty chives too. Now I want walking onions.
    I'm gonna plant them all together and call it my "kissing garden". ;)

  2. That's a great idea! Throw some garlic in, too.

    That's a great flea market if you can get plants there, too.