Thursday, September 20, 2007

Come to Mama!

They WERE in the old oven!


  1. Yay from me too - that has to be a huge relief.

  2. Yay indeed! I called again today and left another message saying I'd looked everywhere, was just heartsick over the pots, which Mom brought back from France (the terrine) and could they please please please call me back.

    Got a call within 5 minutes and picked up the pots on my way to work.

    All's right with the world, and now I can make soup.

  3. Amazing that they didn't notice them before now. (I always have to be the cynical one)
    glad they're home where they belong.
    Oh, and I'm coming over fro that frozen strawberry concoction!

  4. They did notice them; the old stove has been hauled away and they're remodeling the kitchen (more on this later). They'd been too busy to call.

    Come on over; there's still some dessert left.

  5. What great folks! Restores your faith in people, doesn't it?!

    I am so relieved for you! I had read your post that you were missing your dishes. Yay!

  6. Thanks, Manisha. It does restore my faith.