Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Comfort food

Sometimes you just want something simple and comforting, and sometimes that something can also help you figure out how to adjust the white balance on your camera.

I grew up thinking tapioca was a breakfast food, because that's when my dad would make it. "It's got eggs, milk, starch ... why not?" he told Mom.

I like it any time.


  1. That looks good - I haven't had tapioca in years! It was always dessert for us, but I'm thinking your dad had the right idea! Our "wrong" meal food was pancakes - we always had them for dinner - never breakfast. When we'd stay overnight at someone's house, my brother and I would think they were very strange if they made pancakes for breakfast.

  2. I love pancakes for dinner, and waffles. I haven't had any for a while. Time to haul out Nana's waffle iron!