Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Manisha at Indian Food Rocks! says I rock, too! Thanks, Manisha!

Exactly a year ago, this blog was called "Kitt's Knits," and I was working on a tomato beanie for my cousin's baby. Shortly thereafter I ran out of knitting steam for a while and this blog sat idle until I decided I needed to expand my horizons. I made a resolution on Dec. 15 to start blogging more about stuff in general. I didn't think I could do it every day, but once a week at least.

Well, every day (almost) hasn't turned out to be that hard. I've gotten more in the habit of looking around me for likely stories, and carrying my camera all the time. I feel more observant, more aware of what delights me in my life. I blog more for me than anything else, but it's fun to have friends follow along, too. And I love the feedback!

It's almost as good as having a good hairdresser. I have one of those, too, but I don't see her as often as I should.

Blogging rocks!


  1. Congrats, Kitt! You are definitely a rockin' blogger!!

    The first time I visited your blog I found three photos that I loved - the crocus, your bread step-by-steps, and Sophie! You have the most varied posts of anyone I visit, and it's a ton of fun to come here and see what's happening! I'm glad you made your resolution - I might not be blogging otherwise!

  2. Of course, you rock! You rock by the boatload and bucketful!

    I still can't get over how we found each other's blogs independently but at the same time!

    I have your no-knead bread bookmarked. It's time will come. I am hoping it is soon! I was telling my husband how much easier it is to bake your own bread than roll out your own rotis. And I also hinted very openly that men find it very gratifying to bake bread. He didn't blink and went on doing what he was doing, like I hadn't spoken. Not one to give up so easily, I suggested he try it. He smiled his sweet smile and walked away whistling. So I guess he won't ever make it. I will though!

    And how can one not say anything about gorgeous Sophie?! She and a friend's poddle Brockley finally convinced me that poodles are not small. They can be rather large!

  3. Thanks again, Manisha. Maybe if you had your husband watch how easy the bread is to make, he'd be willing to try it. If you have a gas grill, he could use that! I've heard you can.

    I wonder if I've met Brockley; the name sounds familiar. Whenever I see a standard poodle, I try to meet him or her. I've met a lot of poodles over the years.