Friday, September 14, 2007

East Bay Restaurant Supply

I noticed the sign for East Bay Restaurant Supply in Oakland while riding the bus last Friday. Then it came up at dinner that night, so we had to make a visit on Saturday.

Since I was traveling, I could only lust after the stockpots big enough to make ox soup and the shiny cooktops and reach-ins. Even the whisks and potato mashers were available in Andre the Giant size.

I comforted my yearning with just a few things I could fit in my carry-on. A dozen little coffee spoons and wee forks, a serving spoon and a dough scraper. Shiny!


  1. I love that potato masher. You could mash so much so fast. Your little forks are great also.

  2. I'd need one of those oil-barrel-sized stockpots to mash in, though!

  3. Next time you make a stealth visit to SF, head out to Clement Street to Kamei. I haven't been yet, but my pal Annie shops there for kitchen utensils and apparently it's cheap cheap cheap.

  4. Oooh, noted!

    I just realized I need a garlic press. Well, want one. Usually I just mince it and then smash it a few times so it's nice and juicy.

    Also a madeleine pan.

    And and and ...