Thursday, September 13, 2007

What is it? No. 4

Note the design of this awesome cozy, custom-made for the man of the house. Click on the picture to see what it conceals.

I can attest to his fine skills in that arena.

(Note, I'm talking about a couple of friends here, not me and mine.)


  1. very nice. I love the blender next to it also. I wonder if I covered the stove with fabric like that, my husband would attempt to cook?

  2. Oooh, flaming mixer!

    Meresy, chain him to it and leave some raw meat within reach. Might work!

  3. Actually, I've been thinking of taking the mixer to car place and seeing if they'll put flames on it! Christmas is coming!

  4. Hey, deneph. Check out Lisa's link above. Stickers might be more affordable.

    But if you're set on painted flames, also check some of the motorcycle places. They're used to working on smaller, curved pieces.

  5. An excellent tip, thanks! I didn't know they made stickers, that's not a bad idea either, though I wonder how they hold up to cleaning.