Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am Leo, hear me roar

Leo has many things to say, and he likes to say them loudly. LOUD-LY. But he's also easily distracted. Throwing a rock in the water is a good diversion.

Sophie is suffering from Lannie and Leo fatigue, I think, and also showing her age. She would rather stick close to me and have her butt scratched.


  1. We used to call our dog's collar his necklace, but it looks like Sophie's wearing a realy one. It's lovely.

  2. Thanks! That's her holiday bling, that I liked so much I just left it on. It's an Indian ankle bracelet that I just clipped onto her chain collar.

  3. That's funny -- we call our dog's collar her necklace. As in "Come here and get your necklace on." It's just a plain old purple-and-yellow suns-and-moons hippie web collar, though. No bling for Dorrie. The cats wouldn't give her a moment's rest.

  4. Yeah, my mom made a big deal out of taking it off his neck and giving him big old scritches like he'd been carrying a huge burden all day long. It was a nice evening ritual to go through just to keep his tags from jingling during the night.

  5. I like the jingle even at night because I can keep track of where Sophie is if she gets up. Which she rarely does, unless she's not feeling well, and then I really need to know, so I can let her out.

    But the nightly loving-up is a sweet ritual. We have the morning drape and scritch.

    Lisa, you could always go for rhinestones.

  6. Leah, we do a similar bit with Dorrie at bedtime. First we put her on the bed, then she sits so we can take the necklace off, then we scritch her all around, and then push her over so she topples onto her side, and she pretty much goes straight to sleep.

    Funny how animals love the bedtime ritual as much as kids. We got a new kitty a couple of months ago and he clued into the bedtime thing within a few days. Hmmm... I feel a blog topic coming on.

    Rhinestones... now there's an idea. She would certainly look good in 'em.