Monday, September 17, 2007

Steak encore

When I fix a honkin' big steak, I'm tempted to eat it all, but thoughts of a luscious sandwich the next day save me from overeating.

Some asiago cheese bread from the farmers market, slathered with garlic herb butter and toasted under the broiler. A big wodge of arugula, also from the farmers market. A light slather of mayo one side of the bread, and lots of steak sliced thin. With a thicker loaf of bread, it helps to scoop out some of the soft middle, which creates a kind of pocket so you can get lots of filling in there and not have an overly bready sandwich that's too big for your mouth.

I'm feeling hungry again just looking at it. I may be making more steak sooner than I thought.


  1. I just finished my lunch and am now hungry again. Thanks. No, seriously, that looks awesome. I might have to buy an extra steak next time just so I can do that with it. Yum.

  2. That looks so good. Putting it on the menu for sometime this week.