Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bookshelf progress

For the last several days, my kitchen bookcase has been coming together. Pascal built the big pieces in his shop and is now working on all the fiddly installation and trim. Because the house is 113 years old, nothing is plumb, but he is making it work.

He's out today getting a root canal (ugh) but should be done in a few days. He will paint the shelves to match the current colors in the kitchen (a light café au lait), since I don't think I'll get around to repainting the walls and cabinets in a different color anytime soon. I don't like the dark cabinets, but they're OK for now. My inspiration for redoing them may well come from day-lab diy.


  1. Love the color of what appears to be the living room! Love the window too, but I have a real soft spot for colored glass.
    Are you doing anything to that cabinet on the left?

  2. The stained glass was done by the previous owner's dad. Pretty nice! And I like the wall color, too.

    The cabinet on the left is having its top door rebuilt to accommodate the shelf overhang, but will look essentially the same as it did before. Until I repaint everything.

  3. I haven't been here in awhile - I love the shelves so far - how fun! And your guest room looks very fun! :) I like stained glass too - lucky you!

  4. Thanks! It's exciting to watch the progress. Even the tub bracing.