Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My aunt's house-remodeling project led Aunt, Mom and me this morning to the Children's Hospital resale shop, La Cache, before we had lunch with my cousin. La Cache sells high-end, estate-sale-type stuff, much of which is quite droolworthy.

I wonder who will take these crazy chairs, of which there were at least 10. In the right space, I suspect they might be fabulous. In the wrong space, horrid.

This celluloid dresser set was quite pretty.
But at $150, admiring it was all I planned to do.

I found something else to admire that was also way more than I was willing to pay, especially for something so tiny. That's my pinkie in the picture, for scale:
I may go back in a few weeks to see if it's still there, since they drop the price 20 percent every two weeks. I have a really fabulous poodle pin that my honey gave me, so I don't feel too jones-y about this one. But it does fall within the parameters of acceptable poodle kitsch.

See, I don't want to be one of "those people." You know, the ones whose houses are overwhelmed by every possible permutation of their favorite thing, tasteful or crappy. You like Strawberry Shortcake? Great! Get some nice framed prints and maybe a pair of pajamas. Don't upholster your couch with Strawberry Shortcake fabric, make curtains of same and cover every horizontal surface with figurines.

Pajamas, cute. Curtains, scary.

(And yes, Strawberry Shortcake pajamas frighten me, too. I'm just using it as an example since I don't know anyone who is even remotely obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake. If you are, and I've offended you, please seek help.)

So anyway, I tread carefully with poodle-themed stuff. And my friends know that just because something has a poodle on it doesn't mean it's The Perfect Gift. A pin, a magnet, a handbag, a handy ruler ... that's about the extent of it.

I don't object, however, when friends send me poodle-related stuff like this:

Clydesdale masquerades as poodle
for Halloween.

Doberman hides from The Law
in poodle disguise.
Thanks, friends! With love from me, the not-so-crazy Poodle Lady.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, shopping. Then lunch:
Cava Greens offers "custom hand-tossed salads." The salad was good, but kind of pricey, and they serve it in the big aluminum bowl it's tossed in, which is awkward to eat from. What's the deal with these salad places? I know of at least three different mini-chains that specialize in the "create your own" thing. I like the salads, but I wonder how they can all stay in business.


  1. The chairs I love but yes in a large airy room I think.

  2. Ah, Strawberry Shortcake. One of my husband's co-workers gave us S.S. kitchen utensils and towels. (What puts the kitsch in kitchen?) It wasn't all that long ago that I looked at the S.S. slotted spoon and thought, "I've been married over 20 years...time to throw these things out!"

    And now I want a salad.

  3. Gosh, maybe those utensils are collectibles now! Sell 'em on eBay!

    Yes, I was thinking a really large room with high ceilings and minimalist decor for those chairs. Otherwise, eek.