Sunday, October 14, 2007

For man nor beast

What a wet, cold miserable day! I can't blame the farmers market vendors for mostly deciding to stay in bed with a cup of cocoa. Just five booths were huddled together at the end of the block.
Still, everyone there seemed kind of cheerful, and certainly happy to see some hardy shoppers. Plus everything I bought was at a discount, which I didn't expect or ask for. I guess they figured to unload as much as they could so they wouldn't have to pack it up again.
The Hmong vendors were out of yu choi, so I got a couple bunches of gai lan, which is similar, but sweeter. Plus some baby bok choi. And some pears, heirloom tomatoes and a jar of peach-apple butter.
Sophie was brrrrr cold! when we started out, shivering as she walked, but she recovered once her blood got pumping. We stopped in the gallery, where Moses really wanted to Play! Play! Play with Sophie! She put him in his place, but she did want to roughhouse with him a little. I had to stop her or I would've been buying some damaged art.

The photo on the right is Moses trying to get to the treats in my pocket.
Pluto, meanwhile, just kept working on his ennui pose.

(And Sophie's now curled up in her chair, wrapped in a blanket and snoring. Loudly.)


  1. It's c-c-c-cold! And you went out?! Kudos to you!! Today was the last FM for the Boulder Market and it was way too miserable to want to even get out of bed. But my lawn is happy. Now we need to think of aeration...

  2. 'Twas coffee I snuggled with this morning, and chai this afternoon.

    You are brave to go out in this, but I suppose if you have the option to go home or socialize in the gallery, then it's not too bad. Take it on my authority that standing out in that stuff for 5 hours is horrible.

    Next week will be better. :)

  3. The dog requires exercise, and I needed some greens! I brought you handwarmers, Groovy, but the gal at the fruit stand was glad to have them. I agree, it's much easier to get out when you know it's temporary, and you can keep moving. I hope it will be nicer next week.

    And yes, I'm glad for the rain, really. It's not like we've had a lot lately.