Sunday, October 21, 2007

Out in it

Didn't get to the farmers market until 11 or so, and found out there had been a few vendors there, but only one was left. (Apples. We got some.)

I feel sorry I missed the Amy the Soap Crone! Next week is the last farmers market for the season, so it had better be nice out. Or else. (Shaking fist at sky.)

Yesterday's high: 81 degrees. Today: 39.


  1. In Vermont today it was nearly 80 degrees. The leaves were at peak. It was a beautiful day except that I remembered, two years ago when I got married this same weekend, there was snow in the mountains the morning after and the leaves were done and gone. It's down right disconcerting!

  2. Strange weather!! Your snow looks nice, but I am glad it won't be here for awhile yet. Bet Sophie had fun playing in it!

  3. Wow! Snow! I am one of those crazy people who love snow. Puts you in the cooking/knitting mood. :)

  4. Crazy weather indeed. I like snow, too, but this was kind of a surprise after an 81-degree day. Tomorrow it's supposed to hit 70 again.

    Sophie will like the snow more once her coat has grown out some. Poor old dog.

    Ginger, next Sunday's the last market. Come on down!

  5. Wow! I love snow but not in October. In a perfect world it would never snow before December 24th (and it would always snow on December 24th) and there would never be snow after March 1.

    Of course, life and the weather never works out like this.

    On the plus side for you, it looks like Sophie is enjoying it.

  6. Sorry to have missed you, but dang! I had to leave. My gloves failed me, and I had sold one soap in two hours, and the weather was getting worse.

    This Sunday the high is supposed to be 62, or something like that. I'll be there for the whole time!

    Thanks for the shout out, little ginger!

  7. The weather will be nice, I will be there, and I will be buying more of that shampoo soap.