Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Yesterday, Sophie was due at the groomer at 8 a.m., clear on the other side of town. I decided to take the opportunity to do some shopping at the Costco and PetsMart over there. While I waited for them to open, I got some coffee and wandered into the Army Surplus, where I purchased some gloves and a shirt but not camo condoms. Next stop, PetsMart:
The parrots and and parakeets are so cute! I had a series of parakeets growing up, all named Paddington. The last one lived something like 12 years, and used to fly free around the house, but mainly stayed in the kitchen on a plant bracket at the window over the sink. He could do a mean sparrow imitation.

You had to put him in his cage if you were eating soup or cereal, because he would try to land in the bowl for "bath." I recall one unfortunate incident involving tomato soup and white curtains.

We also kept finches for a while. Their lives were a sordid soap opera that I'll share some other time.
Rats are not so cute, but this one made me laugh. Asleep at the wheel!
It's dangerous killing time at Costco. All kinds of things you didn't know you needed! I was happy to find a digital kitchen scale to replace my old spring-loaded one, which I don't really trust to be accurate and which is too small to balance many things on. The new one has a handy feature where you can weigh your empty container and then tell it to ignore that when you weigh the contents.
By the time I was done shopping, Sophie was ready to be picked up, groomed and sassy! This will be her last haircut for a while, as it's getting cold out. She was shivering so hard this morning her teeth were chattering, but that was partly from eagerness to walk. Once we got moving, she warmed right up.

Gmaps pedometer says we walked 1.92 miles.


  1. I love rats! I had a pet named Bongo (named after a Boomtown Rats album). She was gray with white feet and a white heart on her stomach. Amazingly, she lived through a fire at my mom's house. (I also had a hamster, Daphne -- or maybe it was FM, short for Filet Mignon -- who managed to get out of the cage and into the furnace ducts. Grandpa had to cut a hole to get her out. Aside from being dirty, she was fine!)

  2. Sophie looks fine! I've been thinking I need a new kitchen scale - my old one looks just like yours - and your new one sounds (and looks!) like a nice one.

    This summer Mark got me a GPS from Craig's list or ebay. I love it! It's so much fun for kayaking or walking or whatever.

    We had a parakeet named "Pete" when we were kids - he'd sit on the bathroom mirror, looking at himself, saying "pretty boy, pretty boy." He also said "Petey want a cracker" "give me a kiss" (while perched on your shoulder - ewww) and other stuff I've forgotten. Personally, I like dogs much better!

  3. I'm not particularly averse to domesticated rodents, but I've had some unpleasant experiences with the wild variety in the last few months. I'm not all eek! a mouse! but I don't like having to deal with them.

    I'm not averse to kissing a parakeet! I briefly entertained the idea of getting a bird, but that's whole other petsitting issue.

    GPS is cool and handy tp have. I don't like the car ones that tell you where to go, though.

    The Costco scale was $20; not too bad.

  4. I could have sworn that my mom gave ne a nice digital scale a couple of years ago, but I have looked all over and can't find it, so perhaps I dreamed it. I really need one though...not for cooking but for my yarn.

    And I never thought corned beef hash could be so easy! My husband loves it but the canned has so much sodium and fat....I'll havbe to try making it for him.

  5. Hey, Rooie! Yeah, the scale has many uses! It's also advertised as a postal scale.

    There's enough fat and sodium in the corned beef (I scrape off the excess fat after I cook the meat) that's probably still not very healthy, but it's still better than the canned stuff.