Friday, October 19, 2007

Ready for a guest

The undersea theme is a little disconcerting in the guest room, but Pascal will be taking care of that with beadboard wainscoting about three-quarters of the way up the walls. (Conveniently saving me from trying to paint over deep blue.) I'm thinking a slate-y blue above that.

The room is all tidy right now because Mom arrived today for a visit. She's very excited to see the house with all my stuff in it. She saw it once before the previous owners moved out.

I will get her to help me hang paintings, which is only right, since most of them are hers.


  1. Oh, I don't know... I kind of like the dolphin diving into the bed.

  2. OMG! This is what my daughter wants for her room, a dolphin theme. I am with you - I don't think I could handle it. Before you paint over the sea creatures, do you think you could take more pictures of the walls for me? I have been looking for a dolphin themed bed set for her, too. Haven't found anything where the dolphins didn't look like they were diving under duress. I figured we would have to paint it on the fabric ourselves. That was supposed to be done over summer. Maybe over winter break!

  3. Sure, I'll take more pictures. I'll have to move all the furniture out anyway.

    There are also some pictures from before I moved in. Click on "My Flickr sets" and choose "Victorian house."

    You could get an overhead projector and project some dolphin pictures on the wall, then trace them.