Monday, October 29, 2007


This is Amy. Contrary to her sign, she is not a crone. Nor is she olde. But like her soaps, she is bewitching! Especially with her very fetching witch's hat.
Amy makes fabulous soaps using all-natural ingredients. They smell heavenly, of lavender, honey, mint, lemon. Some are for skin, some for hair, some for the kitchen, some for guys ... plus she offers other body luxuries such as lip balm, sugar scrubs and deep conditioner for your hair.
I bought this lavender mint shampoo soap about a month ago. I wanted to use it for a while (and get a photo of Amy) before I posted about it. I was skeptical about its lathering abilities (shampoo in bar form? really?) but it lathers up very nicely, and it's got a very soothing but not overpowering lavender mint scent. It smells very fresh and not perfume-y at all.

It leaves my hair feeling very clean, and I notice that my hair doesn't get as frizzy as fast as when I use ordinary shampoo.

I was just browsing through Amy's website and noticing all the different products she offers (I was too distracted at the farmers market today, the last one of the season). Luckily, she takes online orders, too!

If you're looking to pamper yourself or someone else (the holidays are coming!) check out

(Oh, and props to Amy for having a well-designed website that is simple yet attractive, easy to navigate and gives you all the information you need plus some good laughs. It's amazing how rare such a site is these days.)


  1. It's the witch herself! Hi Amy!!

  2. This made me really jealous I just couldn't walk past Lush when we lived in Leeds. Seriously considering downloading her e book and giving it a go

  3. You should try it, breezy. If your soaps turn out anything like Amy's, you'll love them.

  4. Hi, Manisha!

    Breezy--I recommend my book. Of course, I wrote it. Read the recommendations on my site, that are unbiased. Or, listen to me and buy it! Whee!

    Hi, Alecto!

    Kitt, you are a wonder. Thanks so much for the glowing review!

  5. Just checked out her site - yeah, very cool!