Saturday, October 13, 2007

José González at the Bluebird

Last night went to see José González at the Bluebird Theatre. He's Swedish, born of Argentine parents, and his dad is a classical guitarist. He's played in variety of bands (including a Black Flag-inspired combo), but has since developed his own sound. (Which I found reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot at times.)
There was a good-sized crowd, which got a little rambunctious after a 45-minute delay, but was rapt once he started playing. (Blurry photo from doing a long exposure with the camera held high.)
It's just him and his guitar, but he makes it sound like there are a couple of other players up there. Impressive and lovely.
I didn't mind waiting because it gave me a chance to talk to my friends, and meet Maura, who has a really pretty tattoo, a Celtic symbol she got at 30. It symbolizes looking back and knowing where you've been, and using that knowledge to move forward in your life. Very nice.

Afterward, we hopped across the street to Mezcal for the obligatory mojito, plus tacos and posole. Very good food for a reasonable price. I came in starving and left sated.

Here's José González's website. It's all Flash, and plays music as soon as you launch it (you can turn it off at the bottom of the page). And it's hard to read. His music is great. His choice of Web design, not so much.


  1. Welcome to NaBloWriMo! Great blog... I'm going to add you to the Queen of Socks blogroll.

    Funny story about the Bluebird. I used to do their bookkeeping when it was a true blue theater. LOL. No kidding.

  2. Hi, Hottie! (May I call you that?) Thanks for stopping by, andd adding me to your blogroll. Though I'm woefully behind on socks, and knitting in general.

    It's been a little while since the Bluebird showed movies, eh? If the walls could speak ...

  3. I adore Jose Gonzales am happy to see that you went, Kitt! I never knew he was in a Black Flag inspired band.

  4. Yeah, that does seem kind of crazy, eh? Not a very similar sound.

    Is he very popular in Europe?