Thursday, October 25, 2007

Treats and disappointments

If you ever need to get your nails done in Denver, I highly recommend Fifth Avenue Nails, on Third Avenue (go figure) in Cherry Creek. They do a great job, the prices are good, and the place is spotless. My favorite part is the neck and shoulder massage you get while your nails are drying. I treat myself to a pedicure there every couple of months. One interesting note: all the women who work there are Mongolian. Turns out there's quite a sizable Mongolian population in Denver.

Another "treat" today, a purple-frosted cupcake in honor of the Rockies. Who, I'm sorry to say, are blowing it in Boston. Darned Socks!

Even the City and County Building is all gussied up in Rockies purple, such a pretty color (and much better than my college team's harvest gold, which I just couldn't wear without looking completely jaundiced. Because, you know, it's all about me):


  1. Hmm. Are there any Mongolian restaurants? There's one here in MN that's quite good. A barbecue place. Yummy.

  2. Used to be a Mongolian BBQ somewhere, but that was years ago.

    We're on the same page when it comes to colors though.... I even posted about the orange and yellow yarns in my stash on the Queen of Socks blog. Boo Hiss.

  3. Used to be a Mongolian bbq in Boulder but they moved back or consolidated with their business in Denver. Dunno why but it was really good!

    I need to buy stock in Speedo or any company that makes swimming goggles cos I had to rush to buy the zillionth pair for my daughter from Sports Authority. Or maybe I should just buy stock in Sports Authority! They were selling Rockies tees for 30% off. I bought one for my daughter who cannot watch the match cos it's always too boring but gets all excited cos of the cheering and jeering at school. I asked them if the tees were on sale cos the Rockies lost. That is a case study on how not to make friends! The salesgirl didn't appreciate my sense of humor and told me that the tees on sale were for the national league (or whatever) whereas the World Series tees were for full price. Ya, she didn't like me much after that!

    Someone from Boston asked if they were the Colorado Rockies or the Colorado Pebbles. Um, at this rate, maybe Colorado Sand?

  4. They're the Colorado Suckies tonight, dammit.

    There are a couple of Mongolian BBQ places here, but I have not been for a while.