Monday, October 01, 2007

On our walk

It's Oct. 1 and that means Halloween is just around the corner! Some folks are already getting into the scary stuff. I wonder how long after Halloween they'll leave it out.
If you were scared of dogs, this would be enough to give you the willies. First one appeared, then the next, then the next, then the next! All at eye level.
Three of them were focused on Sophie, who decided she'd best stand way back. Only one of them made any noise – but just husky "talking," not real barking.
Much less scary was this old basset hound tied up at the coffee shop. He just wanted to be lurrrrrved. I was happy to oblige.


  1. Oh, love the bassett - the huskies would be a little intimidating.

    I love seeing other people's decorations for Halloween - not my thing to do, but fun to see.

    (I imagine they'll have to take them down in time to do the xmas decorations - but how long those might stay up is anyone's guess)

  2. Yikes! Those huskies would have seen me cross over to the other side of the street!

    Time to start decorating for Hallowe'en, you say? I want to have the vomitting pumpkin on my doorstep this year. :-D

  3. THose dogs are pretty but definitely intimidating. My two would unwisely have started barking with their hackles all up, urging those dogs to 'bring it on' knowing full well they were safely behind a fence. I love homes that go all out with halloween decorations. I don't do it, but the kid in me loves when other people do.

  4. I was in Target at noon last Friday and was amazed at the number of people buying Halloween candy. And I'm thinking... come on. If you're buying Halloween candy on September 28, you're eating it in the car on the way home.

    Those huskies are gorgeous in their ghostly way. Dorrie probably would have made a beeline for them -- she thinks everyone loves her (and she's usually right).

  5. Halloween candy is very tempting. My only concession for decorations, though, is a pumpkin carved on the day, usually, with a string of xmas lights inside. Maybe I should attempt the vomiting pumpkin this year!

    The huskies seemed like they could be nice – to me, at least. Sophie also likes to bark at dogs behind fences (though less so since she got a splinter in her nose). But with four dogs in full view, she opted for discretion.