Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Casualty of greed

When I last reported on the "mansion home" for sale In April 2008 (!) after first noting it in August 2007, the price had been dropped from $1.15 million to $999,800.

Later I saw they'd dropped it to the high $800s (failed to take a pic, though).

I took the picture above with my cellphone on Aug. 1 of the door plastered with warning noticed from the city to clean up the weeds and trash in the yard or face a $200 fine. There was also a note from an enterprising soul offering to do it for $20. Which I'm guessing didn't happen, since a city crew showed up the next day.

The For Sale sign is long gone, so I'm guessing the place is mired in foreclosure now.

I would feel more sorry for the builders, who I think did a nice job with the design, if they hadn't been asking such a ludicrous price to begin with. Being way overpriced even before the market imploded means someone will now get it for a song, most likely, and all the subcontractors who worked on it will go begging.


  1. wow :(

    i can sing... ;)

    oh, and i'm glad you gave that guy a piece of your mind (from earlier post). people are entirely too irresponsible to be owning pets (let's not even start with procreating!)


  2. $1.15M? That's crazy, even by CA standards. That's not a mansion, it's a McMansion, an overgrown house. Growing up in the midwest, where/when home prices were somewhat more reasonable, I'd say that shouldn't go for more than $500K in a good market. But that's just me.

    Notice I'm not talking about my own stupid house in CA, how much I paid for it, and how much it's now worth :)

  3. Jen, you can sing, but I think you wouldn't want it except as a rental property. Being down in the flats as it is.

    Yeah, I am not a yeller, but for the dog's sake, I will.

    Vicki, yes, I was shocked at the original price. I'd say it would've sold at $800 originally. Half a duplex would fetch $650 at the height of the market.

  4. Seems like a nice home, but for HOW much? You're kidding me, right? I mean, geezzzz... homes in my neighborhood and it's a nice neighborhood to live in, go for 120,000. Yes, our standard of living is low (New Orleans), but still...