Thursday, October 08, 2009

Good eats

Jonathan and Barb at Mile High Eater gave me the heads up that Chef Eric Skokan (above) of the Black Cat in Boulder has been invited to cook at the James Beard House on Oct. 13, which is a nice honor. There's an article about it in the Daily Camera.

Mom and I had an awesome meal at the Black Cat last November for First Bite Boulder, seated right in front of the kitchen where we could see all the action.

I didn't get great pictures of the food, alas (too dim), but it sure was fun watching it being made.


  1. I just heard my stomach growl. The pictures look yummy!

  2. That must have been awesome, seeing all the artistry and hard work up close!

  3. I love swirls on a plate. Presentation really make a meal a gourmet experience.