Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Household appliances seem to know when it's the optimum (i.e. worst) time to fail. In this case, it was the washing machine cringing before the onslaught of laundry day, when I had about five loads lined up and the time to process it all.

Instead, I was on the phone to a repairman to come find out why the darn thing wasn't spinning.

One $25 coupler and $100 of labor and service call charges later, I was back in business. I had no idea you could just undo a couple of screws to remove the entire casing from the front! It gave me the opportunity to clean all the grime from under the edges and around the drum, at least. The repairman said I was pretty lucky to get 12 years of washing out of that machine without repairs, and now should have many years more.

In South Dakota I would leave my stuff washing at the laundromat and go run errands. A couple of times I came back late and found someone had folded it! Here I would not be so lucky.


  1. The old machines are the best - at least you can fix them!
    The new ones are all electronic and unfixable. They seem to die quickly and completely. I don't think they take that into account when they call them "energy savers".

  2. I remember my friend Heather telling me that she forgot her laundry in the dorm, and went back the next morning to find it all folded neatly on the middle table. Yes, it was Iowa. Here, I wouldn't walk away from my laundry--no way! Someone would steal all our jeans and sell them for burger money.

  3. Did you find any missing socks when the repairman took out the casing? I've got about 30 sock singletons and the missing halves went somewhere. I suspect inside the washing machine.

  4. How did you get a repairman so quickly? When my dryer died, I had to wait a week, then he had to order a part which took anyother week.

  5. I agree with Natashya Kitchen Puppies ~ the old machines are the best. I had one that was 20 years old before it decided it was done for. We have retired repair guys living in the area that will do the work for under 50 bucks. You should see if they have guys like that in your town. It helps!

  6. I leave my stuff and go to the cafe, or back home, or to the market. No one ever folds it, thank heaven, but I don't worry about its safety. Brooklyn -- Just Like Iowa.