Saturday, October 24, 2009

Delicious Diwali

Well, I blew it. With Mom visiting, I just couldn't manage to keep up with the daily blogging. But I've been having a good time, anyway! Yesterday we went to Manisha's for a Diwali dinner. Jen was there and took awesome pics. Manisha made a fabulous spread, to which Teri contribute pomegranate mimosas, Nichole added punjab potatoes and cauliflower and I brought chivda. Mom had the bright idea to bring soan papdi, which is a super-tasty flaky sweet. I'd introduced her to it the week before. We laughed when we found out Manisha had bought some for the party, too.


  1. So it's Mom's fault? :-D

    Your chivda was approved of heartily by everyone and was all gone before the night was over. And there can't be too much of soan papdi cos it's almost all gone, too. I took some over to our pre-theater party last night. I found a recipe for soan papdi yesterday and I might try to make some around Xmas time.

  2. ohhhh that all looks sooo Delicious!!
    :o) what beautiful colors too!

  3. We're hosting a dinner in a couple of weeks at our house and I've been trying to decide on a theme. I think I've decided - this looks AMAZING!!