Saturday, October 03, 2009

A tree grows in Denver

Of course I forgot to plant the bulbs (daffodils and alliums) around the base before I filled the hole, so I had double the digging. Duh.

I had no idea how big a tree I would get (I had a dream last night that they were giving me a 3-foot-long misshapen stick). It's about 7 feet tall and came in a 5-gallon pot. Considering that a 12-foot linden cost me $300 plus planting and warranty 10 years ago, I'd say $25 is an excellent deal. I'm going to try for a linden from the free street tree program next spring.


  1. I love a new tree!
    We have the boulevard tree allowance here too. I had a sugar maple planted the spring after we moved in, 9 years ago. It was so puny then but is really coming along. The colours right now are beautiful.