Sunday, October 11, 2009


I heard a commotion of crows across the street, so I went out to investigate.
When crows are yelling like this, you can be pretty sure there's a raptor around.

Sure enough, this fellow or gal had just downed a pigeon. Not sure what variety he/she is; likely a Cooper's or sharp-shinned hawk.
So much for dining in peace.


  1. The hawk is gorgeous.

    We have next to no crows here. Magpies, yes but no crows!

  2. One day here the birds were noisy from early morning on. About 3 PM I looked out and saw what looked like a cat with pointy ears in the tree. But it was an owl. A bit bird when it finally flew away.

  3. hm...interesting and such a beautiful bird!! i'll ask my hubbo and see what he says (he's a bird person who grew up in denver...) be back in a little while...

  4. just wanted to add that hubbo came to the exact same conclusion as you Kitt. :)

  5. Probably a Cooper's Hawk. The stripping on the chest is more defined and the terminal band (white at end of tail) is wide. Plus, Sharpies are smaller birds. Cooper's Hawk would be more likely to be able to down a pigeon. Those darn crows can be such drama queens :-) At least they alert us to a good bird.
    Lea Ann

  6. I can't get enough of those beautiful hawks. The ones around here help control the mouse population. I saw one circling over our field last night at dusk, but he didn't stop to pose for a photo as yours did.

  7. Ohhhhh!!!! I LOVE hawks! We have a lot of hawks, ever since Katrina. Bunches of them. But let me tell you.. Lol... the little birds, they can be pretty defensive. One hawk was going after a smaller birds nesting area. Two blue jays swooped in and repeatedly attacked the Hawk. The Hawk didn't attack back, I think it was stunned with the balls of the blue jays. He eventually left. Too funny.

  8. I have a big crow nest (or should I say "crow's" or "crows' " nest?) behind my house. When I hear them fussing like that it's either a hawk, usually a red-shouldered hawk, or a fox. Foxes have become quite common here in the DC metro area. So pretty.

  9. That's a beautiful hawk! I've been following this blog
    really fascinating stuff! Who would think bird relationships can be so complex?!

  10. Such a majestic creature!
    I saw a hawk on my fence once.. I brought the dog in!

  11. wow, that is so incredible that you saw that!

  12. Manisha, the crows don't hang out by my house at all, so when they show up en masse like that, I know something's up! I love magpies; never saw them before I moved here.

    Peggy, that's neat! I love owls. I know we have them here, too (I hear them at night) but rarely see them.

    Thanks, Kimchi! Good to have that affirmation.

    And thanks to you, too, Lee Ann! Sounds like you know your raptors. I have to take a picture and look at bird guides to get even close.

    Betts, you live in such a nice rural area. I'll bet you've got all kinds of interesting birds around.

    Aleta, there's something to be said for being small and fast, eh?

    Thanks for the link, JGH. Neat!

    Pam, we've had quite the fox explosion here, too. I love 'em.

    Natashya, I don't blame you! Wouldn't want puppy to be mistaken for dinner.

    I thought so, too, Pink!