Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I can see the future

When I was a kid, everyone called me "Sally" because I was so very much like my mother's younger sister in speech and mannerisms. She didn't even live nearby, so the connection was clearly genetic. For a while I even speculated that I was the result of a youthful indiscretion on Sally's part and given to her sister to raise.

As I grew, though, it became obvious that I am my mother's daughter. Those who saw us together would remark at our resemblance. When we traveled together in China, Mom was tickled that people thought she was my sister. She has always looked young for her age.

As I grow older myself, I am gratified to see what the future holds for me when I look at my mom. If the resemblance continues to hold true, people will look twice when I claim my senior citizen discount.

And I'll still be chasing seagulls on the beach.


  1. That's funny, because my sister-in-law Sally is named for her mother's younger sister Sally and aunt and niece share a lot of quirks--so the jokes have gone around about whose daughter she really is. In spite of photographic evidence that her mother was indeed pregnant with her. And in the end, she is her mother's daughter in every way, and getting more so all the time.

  2. Sally is a lovely name. Our good friend's name is Sally and she has a birthday this month. I think it's wonderful that you see a beautiful future ahead of you!